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Michelle Rossman

Michelle Rossman

Client Relationship Manager

I have been fortunate to work in the Finance industry for over 30 years. Starting out with a big Insurance firm at an early age allowed me to gain the experience of working with a large team, trouble shoot issues and really learn how to serve clients. My love for finance and a deep desire to help people led me to further my education and get securities licensed to assist people with their financial goals.

As the Client Relationship Manager at Sanchez Wealth, my responsibilities encompass a wide range of essential tasks. From delivering top-notch client services to preparing for annual meetings, inputting Financial Plans and eMoney data, to providing valuable support to the Director of Operations and our Advisors, I am dedicated to ensuring that our clients receive the highest level of care and attention.

I reside in Jacksonville with my loving husband and two wonderful children. In my leisure time, I find solace in reading and exploring the great outdoors with my family. We are passionate about scuba diving and love to embark on exciting travel adventures together.

I am truly grateful for the opportunity to merge my passion for finance with my commitment to exceptional client service. Each day, I strive to go above and beyond to meet the unique needs and goals of our valued clients.